Thanks to CocoLion’s decision to post more and start the PMWIW threads here I’m doing so, as well. I get so much inspiration from what I see from each you, even when I don’t post, and I wanted to channel some of that positive energy back by posting what’s been sitting on my iPhone, because the clothes are actually being worn and not sitting in my closet. Ha!

1-2: I LOVE my Kut from the Kloth Mia Plaid Jeans and this time I wore them in a way that really pleases me, with my Theory silk satin-finish blouse, Michael Kors reversible belt and my nude Anyi Lu booties I bought at Nordstrom Rack the day before SSIF. I love them and think they bookend my hair (recent haircut is in photo 2). ☺

3: I’m so happy showing my love for my cats and I show my feline pride with this Equipment blouse often, this time with my black J. Brand skinnies and my ever-present Michael Kors reversible belt, which I find indispensable.

4-6. I was in Las Vegas for a few days and decided to emulate LACeleste who inspired me here with a vintage Wilson Maxima striped black and cream moto jacket and my navy Zara V-neck and Gap dark-wash Real Straight 1969 jeans. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is for me, and I LOVE wearing my Burberry scarf (or any scarf, for that matter, as I did with a blue animal print one, the other day) under my V-neck sweater to minimize the opening for my giraffe neck, keep my neck cozy and warm on these cooler days and evenings and to add a sweetness of sorts with a skirt-like effect, which is somewhat kilt-like, and it’s been fun for this season. The bonus is that this styling truly keeps my neck warm and yet it’s NOT all bunched around my neck in typical fashion.
ETA: 16-17 When I wore this combo with my Cole Haan tan-citron oxfords.
7-10. My old H&M houndstooth dress is being worn a great deal, because it’s so easy to add my new J. Crew black velvet blazer, my Commando black tights and AGL black ballet flats.

11. My goofy photo when I was in Miami, FL, with my brother as a guest at his conference and I was biking with a group of financial advisors along Key Biscayne. It was a glorious, if not fashionable, day, and I was the only one to take my purse with me! Did I say “geek”? They had to add a basket for me! Oh, well, that's the way I roll. ☺

12-13. New scarf and old AE jeans: Each woman attending the conference in Miami was given a scarf by Leigh and Luca, in one of three different colorways. I’m wearing mine here, back in California, with my American Eagle grey skinnies (one of my favorites, as I wave to Marley and Rae, my triplets-in-action) and my white Vince long-sleeved tee, which was on one of Angie’s stellar lists, along with my taupe Sam Edelman booties, another Angie recommendation.

14. Luncheon at Tommy Bahamas with some of my workout women. They recently initiated a lunch gathering every few months and I was invited to join them. It’s hard to see, but the lovely lady, front left, wore this amazing two-tone drapey sweater and cape combination that buttoned on one side. The other lovely woman, standing next to me, had on a pair of taupe satin harem pants, so it was fun to see how everyone “dressed” outside the exercise studio. (I'm wearing my black and white geometric print Equipment blouse with my black J. Brand jeans)

15. On Angie’s list of socks for the season was this pair of Calvin Klein ballet socks and may I just take a moment to say that, for me, this may be the HG of socks for booties. The snug fit, cross-over bands and low coverage are making these my go-to in the sock drawer. I also bought them in white and may go back for duplicates; that’s how much I love them.

Thank you for looking at my photos and I appreciate any feedback you’d like to share. I do hope to post more regularly!

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