Love the subtle variation in stripes, and the colors are inspired, for you.

I am a stripe fan. I love it! The colours are perfect for you. They echo your personal colouring. I am craving your boots. Perfect bookends for your hair.

I love the outfit Diane. I have never tried to sew on knits believe it or not and I've been sewing most my life!

Great outfit! Good job on the skirt. You could go narrower if you want. I've seen many woven skirts this wide but knits have more give. A very modern outfit that suits you. Who makes that lovely sweater? I want one lol.

You look terrific! Wonderful silhouette, with soft earthy colors and fantastic boots! You're on a real roll!

I like your plan to taper the hem of the skirt. As for stripe matching -- you made the right decision to match the highest contrast stripes first!

Winning combo and let the sky fall if this is the result. You are so talented and the booties are great with it. Glad you decided to taper it slightly; it looks like a workhorse may be joining your wardrobe.

Oh, thank you so much for all the encouraging comments!

Karen, you should give it a go, just make sure you use a machine needle for stretch knits..

Elle, its from UK based Next from January of this year.

The stripes look so good perhaps cos they tone with your hair colour...

These are nice wavy stripes! Do you like Missoni prints or chevron? I prefer those to straight-up stripey-ness. Love the skirt and with your talent you can tweak to suit yourself as needed.

Well, I love stripes so have trouble understanding why anyone would not share my affection. You look super here, I love the modern styling here with cable sweater and booties. My vote would be to slim down the skirt a bit, provided the fabric allows you to move when it's fitted.

Stripes in your colours ... You cant do any wrong Diane! I think the shape looks good as is. You look lovely!

Wow! What a elegant skirt! Impressive skills. I see what you mean by wiggle and it must add to its coolness. Styling it with booties makes it even more sophisticated. Very nice.