Ha! Cats have some strange ways of looking at things. Tights = pants? Okay, whatever keeps the tights intact.

Love this look. Like the long cardigan open with the belt revealed. Gorgeous and so you.

Your posting perseverance is remarkable. Glad you are starting to turn the corner, but so sorry it has taken so long. Looking great!

So glad you are starting to feel better! The worst is over I guess!

Beautiful rendition of Angie's ensemble. Nailed it! You know, I always try to create this ensemble but it never works well for some reason. The main reason being, I don't own anything grey! Except for my oxfords. I would have to work around that and see what I could come up with.

I LOVE the first outfit. Very chic, K-word worthy for sure.

Glad you're keeping a few other pieces too - AND feeling a bit better.

Glad you're feeling better, Suz. I really like your first outfit and it looks stylish, cozy and comfortable.

I like your willpower in returning what doesn't quit work and only keeping that which does. In chatting with Marley about "split wear" I'm curious about your thought process behind the gingham shirt from BR. You have the gingham J. Crew shirt and while it is a tuxedo shirt, and the plaid size is smaller, do you wear these two shirts in different ways or is it so that you'll have one gingham ready to go? I hope I've made sense here. I'm just getting over a cold, too.

Vicki, of course you made sense! And thank you for checking in while you are sick!

The ginghams are different styles and different fabrications. The blue checked BR shirt is a light cotton flannel, so it feels softer and warmer than the very crisp cotton of the J. Crew. In my climate, this can make a difference. I tend not to reach for my very crisp shirts in our cold weather when I want something warmer and cozier. If I lived in your climate, I don't think I would want to be wearing flannel very often.

Angie, thank you. I went out for an appointment this morning and think I overdid it a bit. I need to go slow and steady for a while.

Eliza, I am impressed at your own efforts to be online, considering that you are facing health challenges of your own right now!

And Neel, you're a sweetie.