I loved Carla's pleated skirt and in fact, I have been eyeing off pleated skirts for a number of years. However, I can never get away from the fact that when I try them on, I just feel as though they are doing me no favours.

Does a pleated skirt require a slim athletic build? Both Angie and Carla are tall, slender and athletic and look amazing in their pleated skirts. I am a healthy weight, but definitely have an hourglass / pear shaped figure and those pleats flaring out at my hips and pleats at the waist line make me look even more curvy and in the places I don't want to highlight. It is frustrating, because they are a nice feminine style with the swoosh factor. Yet, for me, there is no point in buying something and feeling frumpy in it. It would just languish in my closet unworn.

One of my favourite designers has made a gorgeous rainbow pleated skirt, but I know it just won't work for me, the website is below (because strangely I could not download a picture).

Does anyone else have this frustration with these beautiful skirts?