I feel the same way. I am hourglass shaped too, and I just feel dumpy in them. I think a lot of it is that I carry a lot of weight in my high hip (I'm an 8 shape rather than an X), and these kinds of skirts just emphasize that. I think that one like Diana's would be the best bet, because the volume starts further down.

I have a lovely Club Monaco pleated skirt which is a kind of light fabric with stripes in the fabric. It has an underskirt. It is perfect for me, all of 5ft 1 inch and pear shaped. I have tried others (KM Angie pick one) and not had much luck. I have a green velvet pleated one which is midi length in a holding zone. More casual but difficult to wear because it is too dressy for my weekend wardrobe.

I think it is a matter of finding the right one.

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Jane and Diana - both gorgeous and very curvy ladies - look at them rock those pleated skirts. I love it!

Jane and Diana - thanks for posting your beautiful skirts and WOW they really look wonderful on you.

Maybe I should just give them a try and potentially I may find the right one for me - having less volume at the waist seems to be the right solution.

However - I see that I am not alone with this! Obviously pleated skirts are not for everyone so it is a relief that they are likely to be a fringe trend.

Responses to this thread have inspired me (along with a lovely pleated skirt wearer at work) to see if I can fit into last year's silverpleated skirt...

Anne, you look sensational in your pleated skirt.

I keep looking at them in shops, because they look so beautiful hanging up, but don’t try them on because
1. I have a black pleated skirt at home, shorter one just above the knee, which I wear with a beautiful long black beaded top for a 1920s dropped waist look.
2. I don’t wear the above outfit enough anyway, too dressy
3. I hardly wear skirts!
But they do draw me to look at them, and I bought a pretty summer pleated grey dress which I have worn the past 2 summers a bit.

That is one superlative skirt.
And no, I don't wear them, as they really do me no favors.
I have one I haven't worn that it like a slip with a dropped pleated skirt added to it. It is a thin pleat, and doesn't start at the waist, so it doesn't add that much material, however it requires a long tunic over it. I almost wore it. It was a hand me down.

An A-line like this one might give you some of the same swing action, without pleats. https://www.zalando.de/mintand.....BHhml8U118

Bijou I'm going to try to wear it tomorrow - but the full truth is that I only wear it when I'm happyish with my waistline and I've been trying to lose weight for a couple of weeks now and feel better. (I waited til after a finished my half Marathon as training and dieting at the same time isn't recommended). I think I've only worn it once this autumn/winter. And same last winter - bought it around May and then didn't wear it the second half of winter - I know we've commiserated about the winter weight gain before!

I have a really awesome box pleat skirt, ink blue and black contrast insert, that I feel great in. I guess it’s because it has a similar cut to a fit-and-flare. I’m a plus sized hourglass, average height, very short waist. The wide band at the waist (though it’s below my natural waist) adds structure in the right place.

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Kari - you rock that skirt!! The movement in the skirt looks lively and interesting. I am short and curvy too and find pleats rather challenging.

Another vote to keep trying until you find the right one. I am not slim nor athletic build, have a generous tush and saddlebag area, and the wrong skirt (of any cut or style) can make me really self-conscoius about that area. It depends on the cut, what top I am wearing with it (suggest buying a top that will work with it when you buy the skirt to avoid having an orphaned pleated skirt - been there...).

Also, shapewear can be your best friend. Well, second-best friend to a great tailor who can potentially change a zipper waist to an elastic one or vice-versa, bring in the waist, shorten the length, etc. I keep the tags on any new skirts I am are considering and take them to my tailor for additional vetting. I have bought a secondhand pleated skirt for $8 and spent $60 on alterations, but in the end I had a piece that fit beautifully for about what I would have spent on one at retail.