I've enjoyed seeing the collections of jean/denim jackets on Always trying's thread

I would like a new denim jacket... one that I can wear with dresses. I do have several (white, peplum, "classic"), but they are better worn with pants. I tend to buy tops/toppers in longer lengths, to balance out my shoulders, which leaves me with the wrong proportions to wear with dresses.

And to be honest, I'm not sure what to look for! Can anyone offer
1) guidance on where exactly on the body a jacket should end, in order to be the "right" length for a dress, and
2) suggestions where I might find such a thing? Remembering I'm in Canada... happy to order online, but would rather not pay a ton to ship. I feel this is an item I may want to try several so paying for shipping might get crazy if I need to do a lot of returning.

I'd like a mid wash, preferably with blue or white stitching (not orange). My current one is from Gap, and it fits well... but again, maybe I need something totally different for a dress.

I also have a history of buying ones that just don't work well on me for one reason or another, so my confidence in purchasing them is not good. Would love some help.


ETA: Adding photos of my current denim jackets. This might not be the best dress to try them with, because of the knot in the front, but I didn't think of that until I'd changed and was moving on with the day. Maybe I should try other dresses.

Are these too long? The white maybe not, but the blue?

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