I too like the green version so much better than the original. I've often been tempted to dye things but worried that the dye would bleed out on other laundry. Great outfit and I love you're jewelry.

Thanks Jill. That’s a risk I agree. I have washed it since with other dark items. I definitely won’t be washing it with lighter items!

Angie, I’m sure I was never going to be a pianist either. Ms B sends licks to Sam.

And thanks suntiger, Shevia, Taylor and SF!

I love the top in the new color - it's much more interesting and moody, which seems to fit with your style.

I'm also with Suz on those slides! They might actually stay on! I wonder if I can hunt them down for the summer.

Sam sends licks back.

Brooklyn, I thought of a few style monikers for you. You're Glam - so you need that in there:

  • Romantic Glam Warrior
  • Glam Warrior

Thanks Angie. I’ve been thinking about glam warrior. I also thought about something that used “glamazon”, in deference to how muscular I am, but it could sound pretentious. And, indeed, I am not feeling very glam at the moment (heat wave here!) But I like the idea of tough + glam.

Viva, thanks! Those slides are a couple of years old now but you might be able to track them (or something similar) down at Amazon.

I can see glam warrior-the cuff has a warrior vibe

Brooklyn, Glamazon is fun! It's more about your body than your style - and it's all good