Over the summer, a few forum members discussed the possibility of a gender-neutral (GN) challenge, and decided it would be easier to do with fall wardrobes than summer ones. Now that the weather is finally starting to feel a little like fall (still no frost in sight -- which is crazy for mid-October in New England), I've pulled together a capsule and plan to start this challenge tomorrow, October 10th. I'll probably stick with my capsule through the end of the month.

Gender-neutral dressing is actually not terribly difficult for me. Apart from dresses and skirts, and I guess gear leggings, I don't have a lot of emphatically femme clothing. The most challenging element of the capsule will be encouraging myself to wear my two blazers, which don't see as much sunlight as they should, thanks to my extremely casual lifestyle.

My break-down is 5 pants, 4 "toppers", 4 knit tops, 4 shirts, and 4 footwear. I may cheat in a couple more feminine pairs of pants if I end up with a laundry bottleneck -- 5 pairs probably won't be enough. I'm not including baselayers or accessories here, just core wardrobe. Hard to know what the temps will be over the next few weeks; the weather has been so unpredictable. It's not a numbers challenge anyway, just a style challenge.

  • Levi's 501's (3 pairs -- black, dark blue, light blue)
  • Green chinos
  • Mountain Khakis
  • Blazers (2 -- one grey herringbone, one black with piping)
  • Green field jacket
  • Wool plaid shirt-jac
  • Cotton henleys (one black, one sage green)
  • Merino turtleneck sweater (charcoal)
  • Merino v-neck sweater (burgundy)
  • Oxford shirts (2 -- blue striped and tan striped)
  • Flannel shirt (black stewart plaid)
  • Chambray shirt
  • Blundstone chelsea boots (black)
  • Oxfords (black)
  • Sneakers (navy)
  • Chukkas (burgundy)
I'll try to post some WIWs over the next few weeks, but life is pretty busy right now.