I hate saying never because I so often end up eating my words.
I too thought cold shoulders were a trend I would skip, then I tried on this cute top and surprised myself by buying it!
Now totally off the shoulder tops is another thing altogether as I detest strapless bras.

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Sue, it looks great on you!

I think the right structured one would look good on me, too, but it would have to be at a low pricepoint because I know I'd only wear it a few times. I like the look of these tops (often). It's just a practicality thing.

Funny about the cold shoulder trend . I bought this one last year , and I think have only worn it 2 or 3 times . I like the look of it but found it felt weird on - and my shoulders felt so oddly chilly all the time . I really should give it another wear or two this summer now that I'm reminded about it .

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It looks great on you, Lisa!

This is what I worry about -- chilly shoulders -- and then needing to put something on to cover up the design feature! That's what I mean by the practicality aspect.

You know what is funny? They wear these off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops in ICELAND.

But here's how it works. They have coats on outdoors, and they keep their indoor temps SO HOT it is almost unbelievable. Everybody from the US and Canada was cranking open windows because we could not stand it. They just dress like it is summer inside, even though it is freezing outside. Heat is cheap there (it's all from their naturally hot water from the thermal springs). So they heat their houses and restaurants to almost tropical levels!

Interesting ! But gross . I'd be running outside every 5 minutes to cool off .

Ha! I had not even thought about mules! While I have no issue with them on others (except if they are feather mules, which really shouldn't be worn outside the house), I cannot keep them on my feet! I remember having a pair of mule style loafers about 15 or 20 years ago, and I accidentally kicked one off my foot as I was going up stairs. Yes, the problem with mules isn't in the style of the shoe; it is with ME. Indeed, I normally do not wear plain pumps, either, because if they don't have straps keeping them on my feet, they will likely fall off. Ugh, how I ever learned to love shoes so much but not be able to walk in them is an ongoing mystery.

I like mules but I will not be wearing them. There is no way my feet can handle them. I did have them in the past and loved them.

Metal bits dripping out of noses...

Pumps, mules, pointed-toed shoes, ballet flats

There are a lot of current trends that I like on others but won't wear myself. They are too feminine for my gender presentation. Ruffles and off-shoulder tops are in this category, as are most cold shoulder tops. I do have a loose cold shoulder sweater that I love though. And I do like some of the crazy shirting that's out there now - I just haven't found exactly the right one for me.

It seems like a lot of current trends are on the more feminine end of the spectrum right now, except the 90s stuff. Might explain why I haven't bought much that's really current recently, just more timeless essentials (ok, plus wide leg crops).

(Some day I'm going to do a capsule challenge of just gender-neutral clothes (straight jeans, buttoned shirts, etc) and see how it feels.)

Greyscale, I'd totally do a gender-neutral challenge with you!

I'm sitting out the cold-shoulder trend too. It looks fussy to me, with the little straps up top and the sleeves below. It also seems like the kind of trend that's best sat out after a certain age. I was also going to sit out the off-the-shoulder look, but then I bought this top without trying it on:

It's one size, supposed to fit up to size 20. Since I'm small, it falls off my shoulders, and what do you know, it looks great! Balances wide hips beautifully. Which led to this dress:

La Ped, let's do it! I vote for fall, though, since it can be challenging for summer weather. I would interpret the challenge (for myself) as primarily women's clothing chosen to look androgynous. I've realized that most actual men's clothing is just too big on me, which is too bad, because sometimes it's the best way to get that awesome Marlene Dietrich look.

Denim jackets. Have never owned one. Distressed ( holey) jeans, ditto. Tattoos, ditto. Piercings other than the one hole each earlobe I have, ditto.
On others, I can enjoy some cold shoulder tops or off-the-shoulder tops, but feel I am unlikely to buy any for myself for all the reasons in this thread. Merwoman, your one looks stunning. And Laura, what a pretty dress.

I would totally join the gender neutral challenge and agree it would be more do-able in fall.

I think my eye adjusts to most styles, and I absolutely like ruffles, and off the shoulder tops. I purchased an open shoulder tee shirt last year and and an off the shoulder dress and swim cover this year. I hate wearing strapless bras as much as the next person, and want to add that their discomfort has nothing to do with chest size. As someone who has a relatively small chest, strapless bras are a nuisance. They slide down my torso no matter what I have tried to do, so maybe torso shape plays a role? The silicone causes a reaction on my skin and itches. I have tried almost every version available, and I even solicited advice on the forum and followed suggestions. Silicone nips, and using a lace bandeau has been the best solution. If the item in question is backless, then I would go braless along with the nips.

There are many things I would never wear, and I'm not sure how to go about listing them. For example, I don't wear jeans with holes in them, and I avoid solids in the color black. I wouldn't get a tattoo. That doesn't mean I don't like these things on other people. I have a hard time being critical of what other people wear because my role in life is to be accepting of people in an unconditional way. Certainly judgment comes into play, and nothing is black and white, but I am having a hard time finding anything to list. I really do appreciate that people express themselves uniquely and have individual preferences and tastes, but I will mention a recent observation I made while traveling.

I was in Birmingham Michigan recently. Anyone familiar with the area, knows that this is an affluent town with many small shops and cafes. It's surrounded by several affluent suburbs. While walking around, on a weekend day, I saw something that I found fairly shocking. EVERYONE was dressed alike. There was no uniqueness, no creativity, no individuality. Every person was dressed in ATHLEISURE! Men, women and children - all ages! DH, DD, her BF and I stood out as foreigners (and we aren't really) because we weren't wearing black or grey athletic gear. We were like a rainbow in the midst of a thunderstorm. It was astounding! Truly it was! Athleisure had taken over an entire population, an entire city, and I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I was going to post about this elsewhere. In any case, I personally hate wearing gear as everyday wear, because I have always been athletic, and I dislike the idea of wearing my stinky sweaty clothes or anything resembling them for my daily affairs. I think there is more to say about the extreme conformity I observed in this community, and if anyone else is from this area, and would like to comment, I can start a new thread for comments since it is unrelated to this topic.

Yes, I think gender neutral will be more doable in cooler weather. And yes, I'm almost always sized out of menswear unfortunately. Sometimes I find stuff in the boys section, though!

Staysfit: I am shocked too! Even the MEN?!
Greyscale: I would be interested in the gender neutral challenge too.

Smittie, yes, even the men!

I would have said cold shoulder tops - until yesterday.... when I purchased one and am wearing it today.
Previously I have said - too difficult for the bra straps, seasonally confused.
But here I am laughing at myself. And an added bonus that was unexpected - they are pretty good for managing hot flashes.

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Greyscale, count me in for your challenge, unless already wearing a lot of menswear would disqualify.

Now you have me wondering whether a men's dress shirt could be altered into a cold-shoulder version with just a bit of shoulder (or just upper arm?) exposed. Could this be a non-fussy, not too cold nod to the trend?

Sunburnt shoulder tops (aka cold-shoulder tops)

"Floodwater" pants. I haven't recovered from fear of ridicule for wearing them in grade school/ middle school when I grew fast.

Bras. I wear them when I have to, but I'd much rather wear a top with built-in support, whether a shelf bra or simply a bodice cut to help out. I realize some women who are better endowed than I am are physically uncomfortable without them. I have nothing against them wearing them, just don't like the opprobrium when I don't.

In the hell-has-frozen-over category, I've discovered that some synthetic fabrics are cooler than cotton in the summer time, so am now wearing non-natural fibers.

Piercings beyond one in each ear, big colorful tattoos and a colored chuck of hair. Not for me. I'm also not a fan of knit cold shoulder garments but am ok with woven ones. Very short shorts which seem popular in my area even for the over 40's.

I'm interested in the androgynous challenge. I always dressed like a tomboy, hated clothes and fashion. I've more recently realized that had to do with my body image & not wanting to do something I thought I'd never be good at (be feminine). Now I'm looking at the whole thing, playing with different looks. I was just on dapperq the other day, trying to see ways to style my clothes with a more masculine vibe.
TL/DR: it really would challenge me to think through my wardrobe/presentation, and I want to try.