I posted my post-salon hair pics on yesterday's thread, but here is my new cut home-styled. In the future, I need to tell her I don't want the bangs to stick up; she cut a shorter under layer that pushes them up. Other than that, the cut is growing on me - and I think will look better as it grows out. It has gotten mostly positive reviews at work, although one client seemed to be politely silent after noticing I'd done something different... o_0 I think I will sweep the bangs to the side eventually, too. Just because my eyes are pretty darn asymmetrical, and that fact stands out more with the symmetrical bangs. Creeps me out!

The only other new additions are my Tsubo perforated sandals from Ebay. I am getting ready to sell a few pairs of shoes, and Tsubos are replacing them. This after wearing my tan wedges for days on end regardless of how well they did (or did not, waving at Anna for telling me like it is) go with my outfits.

Not a super duper creative outfit, but it was comfy and felt edgy enough. I had the sleeves of the jacket down most of the day, only rolling them up at the very end when I had to do some circus-like balancing of shoe boxes up and down the stairs.

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