I commented in one of Angie's forum threads, that recently I do lots of bl&w, greys outfits and don't mind color for now. This usually happens to me regularly end of autumn/winter only-but I craved it earlier for end of summer-and, to be honest for all the current year:-).

Here are some outfits all worn last week.

The peep toe ankle sandals were kind of HEWI for me.
I admired them for so long on our fab Debs from Oz but did not have very much outfits(or guts) to wear them(with). I bought and wore them in spring http://http//youlookfab.com/we.....suals-2015 with white jeans and some dresses but then just couldn't figure how to adapt them to our otherwise hot summers and my quite classic wardrobe. Guess I needed to have somehow cooler weather, the long cardi:-) or some time to munch on them...haha.

It's 10°C-14°C when I'm leaving my home at 8,00-8,20 a.m. but I'm driving all my way to my office -so I find them quite adequate if sunny and dry. My office is sunny and warm and in the afternoons gets around 18-20°C. All are work outfits.

1-3. I couldn't find me a maxi cardi for almost an year. This one is also not an expensive one, but it made the trick for experiencing the look. Other then my rings, and studs

I did not wear jewellery for so long now that I have been really surprised the outfit craved a longer necklace-so after much debating I still put it on-and felt OK. How does it feel to you?

4. It is the super lemming striped tube:-) I have for some years now, and still cannot tire of wearing it, so comfy. I have several tops to go with it, in different weights-for different weather conditions. Here it is a loose knit, short dolman sleeve one-sorry you cannot see it. It all felt freshened up with the sandals.

5-6. Is also a tube from last year or so. Pattern is taking bit after a rich tweed in several neutrals, including navy, grey and taupe.Trying to show the metallic fleur de lis details on the knitted short sleeve top I wear it with. Jacket is also old, love it's texture-(it is partial waxed).

Question if you have similar shoes, what kind of weather conditions are you wearing them?

Thanx for looking, your feedback is always appreciated!

Oh, and can somebody explain why i can NOT load another page of items (aka own threads) on my personal page in the forum? I do have only one page, but I have been around more then 7 yrs, and loved to look back from time to time but I wasn't able to so now..:-(.

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