Introduction to the project/January's post.

I am reminded of Joan Didion's interview in 1977 Paris Review, in which she said, "What's so hard about that first sentence is that you're stuck with it. Everything else is going to flow out of that sentence. And by the time you've laid down the first two sentences, your options are all gone."

Well, I won't say after two months, the options are gone, but things are much clearer. This year is going to be about drape, texture, and rich fabrics. Menswear works, but only certain kinds, think schoolboy caps, tweeds and grandpa's cardigans. What Coco Chanel introduced in the 1920s, the influence of the sporting and motoring leisurewear, never Gap generation or grunge. It's fun, but it's already different, dressier, and more refined that the Ocean Park project.

Also, in some ways it is easier to shop for one entire outfit than to have options to buy more and more. We've got a solid core of winter neutrals now, plenty of layering tops. Next month is going to be interesting, because I don't feel the need for more.

I found the hat on Etsy, but let's just jettison the brooch and replace it with something gold and more peacockish right away. I would never have thought to put gold on grey, but it would also look good on the coat. That dress needs a proper camisole. The practicality of those boots is suspect.

WIB in January: some gear, a lightweight hiking jacket, but I did get it in an Ocean Park color and I've worn it three times. I kind of like that cardigan, it crosses over, but it looks like it might pill into a hot mess.

Link to the collection so far