Our muse for 2018 inherited from her beloved great aunt a stack of 1920s magazines, a love of dressing up, and a vintage gold peacock bracelet. Is it Art Nouveau? Deco? She doesn't care, she loves it madly.

The rules for my game have changed for 2018. Instead of one outfit a month, I'm going to build seasonal capsules, front loading the first month with neutrals, and adding more each month. While the peacock cover girl is my reference inspiration, I plan to add more artwork as the year goes along to guide mood but will keep general the same color scheme: black and grey neutrals, peacock colors, subtle iridescence and gold. As in 2017, since this is fantasy shopping, I am unhindered by fit, availability or price. I will also continue to showcase items from Etsy and other sites that support individual artists selling direct, because that's important to me. If you play along, feel free to make up your own rules.

Think of January's ensemble as a travel capsule to an amazing weekend in New York City for New Years Eve. (Yes we need a coat, but I haven't found it yet.) She's going to a swank jazz club for the big countdown, and museums, some shopping and dining. Lots of champagne. One thing I learned last year: "buy" cashmere now, it will disappear quickly. I love how the zigzags in the green blouse echo the background of the cover painting, and the ribbon laces in the patent shoes add a touch of femininity. This era interests me immensely because of the changing role of women and how it is reflected in clothing choices. We are in for a wild ride.

Link to the collection so far