Patterned garments have always been in my closet, but I would volunteer that until a year ago I never really thought about pattern with any profundity. My shopping strategy was to purchase items in colours that I liked or wanted to add to my closet, and if a patterned garment occasionally spoke to me, well it might come home with me!

I got thinking more about pattern after Angie identified my summer 2019 MVP’s (Most Valuable Players) were patterned items, and that large florals worked for me because they echoed the curl pattern in my hair!

A quick survey reveals 16 of my two dozen tops are patterned, but only 2 of 12 bottoms (including shorts and a skirt). I have no patterned toppers or outerwear, and only 1 patterned bag. Accessories are all solids with the exception of scarves. One pair of sandals is multicoloured leather with painted flower details.

I’m still musing on the role pattern plays in outfit creation, but I have to admit that I prefer an outfit that has at least one patterned item vs one comprised of solid coloured garments only. Patterns are especially useful for visual interest in summer, when there is less layering. I’m keen on pattern mixing, but with few patterned bottoms or toppers, the opportunities just aren’t there. I have made a note on my ‘buy/no buy’ list to try for a patterned item vs solid, when adding future garments - especially bottoms and 3rd piece toppers. Of the 12 items purchased so far this year, half are patterned and half are solid.

#1 NO PROBLEM adding stripes to my wardrobe
#2 love a large floral, but find them hard to source
#3 animal prints are rare - but I’ve got some
#4 I would like to add more of this kind of monochromatic pattern to my closet. At a distance it reads as a solid, but on closer inspection has more interest
#5 random individual patterns
#6 one of two patterned bottoms

Do you consciously think about pattern when curating your wardrobe? Are there certain patterns that you favour or that work better for you? How does pattern factor in garment selection and outfit creation? How do you feel about pattern mixing?

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