I love patterns! Stripes and leopard prints always catch my eye and have a tendency to follow me home. I like mixing patterns. For some reason I like a little leopard with my winter plaids. I like leopard and florals, florals and stripes or polka dots make me happy, too.

Just a tip: Be aware that self-patterns will often be perceived as textures rather than as patterns.

I prefer solids to patterns.... My patterns tend to be abstract, asymmetrical, geometric and medium in size. I like low contrast, pencil line thin, horizontal stripes. I like chevrons and argyle, I like patterns that have sharp or spiky edges, like stars, feathers, fireworks, and diamonds. I like long elongated shapes. My best patterns are low to medium contrast. Florals can sometimes work if they are asymmetrically placed and not on every aspect of the garment.

I am not very analytical about patterns, and I am mostly attracted to colors in a pattern than to a pattern itself. I don’t like ditzy patterns and paisley but anything else is fair game. But I also get tired of patterns more easily and they don’t last in my wardrobe as long as solid items.