I’m going to be on the West Coast for two weeks in August and am considering what and how much to pack. There will be a couple opportunities to do laundry.

Activities are varied, including...

—four days at a professional conference in Portland, Oregon. I’m attending, not presenting. One night there’s a banquet.

—doing touristy things with DS, 18, in Portland, and later San Francisco.

—driving slowly down the coast, over several days. We’ll stay a few nights in lodging on the beach.

—lots of walking on city streets, the beach, and nature trails.

—a jet boat ride!

Here’s what I’m thinking so far.
Colors: simple, neutral palette of black, white, and navy blue

Bottoms: Banana Republic black lace midi skirt—lightweight, packable
can wear for conference, banquet, and/or tourism.
Blue denim crop flares
White crop flares—can dress up or down
Blue denim shorts

Tops: White cotton sleeveless top
Navy blue embroidered tee
White tee shirt with black stripes
Black fluid tee
Red sleeveless top
White 3/4 sleeve boatneck top
Purple faux velvet top; short sleeves

Toppers: Black lightweight 3/4 sleeve cardigan
Levi’s olive green hooded jacket, lightweight
Blue/grey denim/hooded sweatshirt

I’ll also bring sweats and swimwear.

Am I crazy to consider trying to pack for this two-week trip in only a carry-on bag??!

Should I bring long pants? So far I have a skirt, shorts, and two pairs of crop pants. Maybe I should bring full length jeans instead of crop flares.

What footwear should I bring? My best walking shoes are light blue Brooks athletic shoes. I want to bring at least one other pair of shoes—maybe my BP white mules, or my black gladiator sandals? Both are good for an hour or two of stop/start walking but not for hiking. I’d consider buying different walking shoes.

Should I bring a warmer coat? I’ve been warned it can be quite chilly in San Francisco in August. If necessary, I can layer the sweatshirt jacket under my Levi’s jacket.

Should we bring a backpack for hiking and touristing? Or just my crossbody bag?

Thanks so much for reading and responding! I haven’t taken a trip like this in many years and have only been on the West Coast briefly, many years ago.