Are classic non-platform oxfords ever going to come back in style?? Loafers have had a long fashion moment recently, and now ballet flats and Mary Janes are a thing… but good old lace-up oxfords seem to have gone by the wayside.

I ask because I have a few pairs in the holding zone. They are good-looking, well-made, and comfortable, as well as a bit unique. I have been wearing sneakers and more substantial-soled footwear for the last few years, but the return of more refined styles has me wondering, when will these come back?

I like loafers and some flats (I don’t care for ballet flats or Mary Janes for my style), but it’s very hard to find a pair that will stay on my narrow heels. Oxfords have a higher vamp and the laces make it more possible to secure them on my feet. I’m hoping to see them trend before I decide to purge them from my holding zone!

I know, I know, it’s not necessary for an item to be trendy to wear it, but these shoes seem so out of step with what’s out there now, I just had to wonder.
Anyone else miss them?? Anyone still wearing them, and if so, how are you styling them in a way that feels current?

PS. I know that these would seem more current with a platform or a lug sole, and I really wish there were a way to add that to the shoes I own! It would add some edge to the style too. Is is possible these just don’t work for my style anymore??