Carol, you’re right about the variety of ways they could be styled, depending on the whims of the wearer.

I was thinking about them in the context of the Alison Bornstein “wrong shoe” theory. That might mean — for me — wearing them with something like my wide-legged pants, which usually beg for a chunkier shoe. For some people it may mean wearing them with shorts (not for me and my tree-trunk legs) or dresses (hmmm, maybe but might feel *too* wrong for me). It’s got to feel authentic!

I looked back and the last time I posted about wearing them, it was the patterned Clergerie pair with my olive chinos and a simple shirt. Not bad, but not super inspiring — perhaps all the pieces together were a bit too classic. Maybe I should try them with something like my Maria Cornejo pants… I just realized that the stock photo has them styled that way.

Those pants would be great--especially with your blue shoes. I could see it with a simple camisole or bodysuit.

Yes, to trying them with the Maria Cornejo pants, like the stock photo.
I like Suz's idea of wearing them with barrel-leg jeans.
I have a pair of refined (or not chunky) loafers that I hadn't worn for ages, and just recently decided I like them with my not-skinny jeans: straight leg, barrel leg, or cropped wide leg. I think a non-chunky oxford would work the same way.

I'd try they them with skirts and dresses too! And your favourite Cornejo pants

I love oxfords. I wear these all the time with barrel legs and wide legs!

I have a few pairs with various soles and will not give them up; I think styling them is the key. Wore my Clegerie rafia white platform with the new Toast pants that Angie featured a few weeks back and they were great. I did not go to the heavy lug sole on any of them and when looking for new, resisted going down that road as I felt the "bus had left the terminal". I did go big into loafers but no lug soles, the last pair more like the original BASS. My hairdresser wears "dainty" derbies with dresses and pants all the time and she is in her 30's and very stylish.