"Jordanna Drazin wasn’t worried about the one-size-fits-all description on the Frankie Shop blazer she saw online. She’d seen the jacket on so many celebrities and influencers of various proportions and figured its boxy silhouette would look fine on her 5-foot-3 frame.

But when the $165 blazer arrived at Ms. Drazin’s apartment in New York City, the 24-year-old social media manager realized the gulf between Instagram and reality. The blazer nearly hit her knees, and the sleeves billowed way past her wrists.

“I looked like I was a little kid playing dress-up in my dad’s closet,” says Ms. Drazin.

The long and short of it is this: Blazers have gotten ginormous, and for some, the effect is more clown school than cool girl. Customers such as Ms. Drazin, who have been influenced by influencers to try the look, are finding their blazers might as well come with a flower on the lapel that shoots water...."

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I have tried on one or two of these and they went back. Between these and the big pants, I've decided that I prefer clothes that have a closer fit.