The event: Christmas concert at a museum. I want to dress up because it’s be holidays, and why not?

I plan to dress this skirt down tomorrow with my sparkly sweatshirt (find below) and tall boots. But I want to be able to switch quickly into a dressier version.

I am guessing many of you will say I’m better off with skin-toned nylons than black tights. I just can’t find any at home, and will get more tomorrow. Not a common item for me. I’m not used to wearing pumps anymore, but people here liked these and they looked like I could walk in them. Trying to keep up with my tall husband on NYC sidewalks is tough. Tomorrow I’ll likely take a cab to the museum and bus/subway back. I won’t be standing much. I’m wearing boots during the day.

Outfit one: This top and bottom from Ann Taylor ARE NOT a perfect match, as it turns out. The sheen and texture are different, as are the dots pattern - the top has the dots in lines, and the bottom doesn’t. I’m not sure how many people would notice.... at a quick glance, it does look something like a two piece dress. I have a couple of statement crystal necklace options I can include here.

2. My bra is doing me no favors here. I need to start using he inner hooks and adjust the straps. Anyway, I have a new bra that will look loads better. (I also asked my husband to give me a better camera angle but he did not oblige.) I don’t think this top stands up to the skirt enough, if that makes sense I think it would be better untucked over slacks or jeans. Tucking it into the skirt drags it down, and that shows. I don’t think it would work if I pulled it out a bit at the waist, but I could try.

I think this means #1 is the winner. Originally I wanted a dressy red sweater. But the one I got was too lot o me, with no petite sizes offered in that color. It’s safe to say I won’t be able to find a different sweater or anything else but nylons before the event tomorrow. ETA - It looks good with the velvet tee in the Finds too.

ETA again - added comment the final outfit in situ, so to speak, though the lighting is poor. Thanks all! I’ll have more thoughts in the comments later.

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