I think the skirt is just fine. However, just wanted to add a note to keep in mind. Depending on the funeral and the person, sometimes it's really hard to separate the memory of the funeral from the memory of the items or outfit worn to it. In the future, when they want to wear the item, it inevitably brings up a memory of the funeral. Again, not everyone is like this. (I've been this way with songs I've heard at funerals, but not clothing items.) Just a case of knowing yourself and how the funeral might affect you and your memories of the polka dot skirt.

Hi Christina: From your first post, I love both outfits~your excursion to a museum to hear medieval music sounds simply splendid~ Renaissance music is my absolute favorite, and at a museum? Heaven~Hope it was awesome~
Your pics look fab~ That silver top is so pretty with your coloring, love the shoes too, and the sparkly necklace~ It looks just plain fab! I think you could easily wear any piece from these ensembles to a funeral.