A few days ago, I thought it'd be interesting to experiment with wearing a fluid fit sweater over a full skirts (vs the skinnies I'd usually pair it with). Here's the result: thoughts? I'm leaving things entirely open to you guys for feedback, as it's not a silhouette I'm attached to (although it was comfy). If you tell me not to wear it again, I won't, and no one else saw it without the outerwear. Or suggest as many tweaks as you desire (including bras, as I have less 'bullet bra'-ish options, LOL). I kept the accessories simple with a pendant necklace that I made myself with the help of a friend who makes stained glass as a hobby. The colour makes it pretty subtle against this sweater; I do have a chunkier gold pendant necklace I could wear as well, if you think it would work better. I've included 3 pics in the hopes that slightly different angles will help give you an idea of how it looks in real life.

On to the outerwear. I've been doing some mending in my wardrobe and replaced the buttons on this coat! I've been wanting to do it since I thrifted the coat, as I'm not a fan of oversized plastic buttons. This summer I popped into JoAnn's to buy buttons for a knit gift and discovered I'd accidentally come during their 40% off all buttons sale, so these pretty wooden ones came home with me. The big ones have a flower design while the littler ones for the sleeves have leaves: how could I possible resist? Of course, the scarf pretty much covered the main ones during the walk, but I knew they were there, and now you guys do too! hehe I'm so surprised at how much use I've gotten out of this coat, considering its half sleeves. But it's really nice for transitional weather, and even though it doesn't have waist definition, I think it works over full skirts as well as skinnies (let me know if I'm wrong). So I'm pleased to have made it a bit fancier.

P.S.: I've managed to take outfit pics the past 3 days, but these Northern early sunsets keep catching me by surprise! So I took the photos with my main light turned on & just now uploaded them & saw how weird the lighting looks. And I accidentally had my camera shooting in jpeg instead of raw, so there's not much I can do to fix it. Sorry about that! Expect lower quality pics for the next two posts too.

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