My saving grace this first week back to work was sitting down the week before and planning outfits for the following two weeks. This has its pros and cons.

Pro - I don't have to think about what to wear in the mornings or the night before. Even if I do not wear the outfit exactly as planned, I don't have to start from scratch if one of the pieces is off proportionally.

Con- by not trying these outfits on before I decide to wear them, the proportions may be off. It is true that recycle old outfits based on my posts and tweak them here and there if needed. However, I changed one element of my Wednesday outfit and it threw everything off. I'd gotten my new favorite shirt in the mail and being on Team Wear I wanted to wear the shirt immediately. I figured I could work it in to my blue on blue trouser jacket combination. It didn't work at all. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear instead since the top I'd originally planned was not warm enough for the frigid temperatures that day. Picture #3 is the result.

I regret that I could not capture all of the outfits I wore this week. When I finally figured out how to wear my new shirt (Thursday and not picutured) it was such an active LONG day that I never got the chance to snap a photo. I am still playing around with location and angles too in my new place so these pics are not the best -- so I apologize.

I noticed a theme when I looked at my outfits this week, hence the title of this post. It was cold, but I felt warm, crisp, and confident. Also in #1 I took that picture at the end of the day (I don't usually like that because everything is all creased by then). Those trousers are a lovely winter-weight wool in a rich black color. I got them from Talbot's, but I am upset because the picture makes them appear as if they're too short since I am leaning forward ever so slightly. Oh well!
Pic #1 Monday
Pic #2 Tuesday
Pic#3 Wednesday

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