I'm a big fan of the Awards shows. It's sport to me. It's become sooo much less about the fashion and glamour, and much more about the messages, media, movies, issues, and the shifting industry for me personally - and I enjoy keeping up with it. But it's fun to watch the fashion part too

There's a shift. People wearing vintage gowns to prevent waste. Jane Fonda rewearing her 2014 gown, and looking incredible. Lots of black. Many repurposed Chanel gowns. Lots of artists and actors saying what the heck to the ridiculous Fashion Police and wearing what they want. I LOVE that!

The show works really well without a host. Better in fact. The movies were good and we watched many of them. I was happy with the wins.


  • Eminem's performance
  • Everything that Chris Rock said
  • Brad Pitt's acceptance speech. Humble and magnetic.
  • Olivia Coleman's presentation. Soooo much fun!

Was hoping for wins for Brad Pitt, Joaquim Phoenix, and 1917. DONE! Very happy they won. 1917 is the best movie I've seen since Dunkirk, and was hoping they would win Best Picture. They didn't win that award, but they came home with three Oscars. Not too shabby.

Onto the Fashion. My faves were: Penelope Cruz, Olivia Coleman, Mindy Kaling, Jane Fonda, Scarlet Johansson. But I liked all the outfits you see below. Gorgeous! Many of them looked better in motion.

The night belonged to Pararsite and everyone who made that movie happen. They were very surprised, and it made their win even sweeter. CONGRATS!