Loved Mindy Kaling, Regina King and Julia Louis Dreyfus (she always looks so amazing!). I didn't see the whole thing though so may have missed some. About the only movie I saw this year was Parasite so fun that it won. It was a very unusual and thought provoking film. I also liked the Eminem performance and the song from Harriet was fabulous.

Wow some of those dresses are incredible. For me Penelope Cruz was stunning in her Chanel and Billy Eilish was the most unique, doing Chanel and the Oscars her way.

Also, since this just showed up in my Instagram feed (apparently the actor is from Fleabag, which I tried but couldn’t get myself to finish the first season.) Totally here for the forest green suit, and the rich red layered over a magenta shirt!

I'm guessing that at future Oscars telecasts, the question those who walk the red carpet may be asked is, "Who are you rewearing?" IMHO, that's a good thing.

Parasite amazed me with the award. As a fan of Korean dramas and movies, I really admire it. Brad Pitt was looking handsome as usual. Also, like the speech of Joker movie star.

I don't watch TV or movies, but love looking at the dresses! So glad there's still glamor out there I'm also glad it's become acceptable to rewear these beautiful things!
*carries off gold Isis wings gown*

Regina King , to me, always nails it. And Billy Porter ! I just love his outfits. So incredibly unique and courageous. I love Natalia Portman's and Jane Fonda's dresses.

I want to see Parasite. I had never heard of it until the Oscars. And I'll bring up something controversial : Little Women. I enjoyed it but I didn't find it great. I had a hard time with all the jumping around in time. I also felt that many characters weren't well developed. So I was very confused by all the hype around it. I was equally dismayed by some people attacking those who didn't find it Oscar worthy.

Parasite was brilliant and I'm still amazed that it won Best Picture. Encouraging! I thought the fashion was drab to hideous (see; Gal Gadot), and I was more than annoyed so many wore Dolce & Gabbana. I admire Ms. Fonda's statement, but take it with a grain of salt as I'm sure she has closets full of amazing gowns. Still, she's out there getting arrested, and that is more than I can say!

Mindy Kaling was a personal favorite, also Beanie Feldstein and Ms. Fonda herself. Got a kick out of Maya Rudolph!

Not too many " WTF were they thinking !? " moments fashion wise, but I'm a bit over the political and social activism in presenters' and recipients' speeches these days.

Ricky Gervais nailed it at the Golden Globes.

Kari - that is Andrew Scott the "hot priest" from Season Two, Fleabag. Brilliant show but not for everyone that is for sure. I loved it with a passion....

I've always been wary of wearing too much black since I love colour so much, but I've been looking for inspiration lately. I think the textural difference in Rami's look shows how a monochromatic outfit can still be dramatic & hold visual interest beyond its shade. A lot of food for thought with the black looks this year!