This dress suits you to a T. I think Sam approves, too!

Looks amazing on you Angie! I especially love it with the baby blue sneaks You wear stripes so well!

I love when you post your outfits. That dress looks amazing on you.

This is a fun classic look. I agree with everyone, the colors are among your best! Looks great on you.
Also, we share a bag strap!

That is really pretty on you.

Fab and oh so comfy-looking. Perfect sleeve length, too

Angie, I purchased the RL same dress based on your recommendation. So now we're dress twins! The dress is so comfortable and stretchy that I sized down to an xs and it fits very well. I think I'll wear the dress since today is haircut day after 19 weeks between salon visits. Needless to say, I'm over the moon delighted! My hair is very full like my avatar pic but not that neat.

Wow! Thank you ALL for the awfully kind words. Sam and I are blushing and appreciative

Zaeobi and Brooklyn, the striped panels add a nice bit of interest and add the fun swoosh-factor.

MsMaven, fun to be stripe twins.

Inge, YOU NEED A STRIPED DRESS, my sweet friend! Lets get you one…...

Taylor, thanks for the professional hair evaluation. Glad you approve, and aren’t you dead right about Sam

Jaime, we are '70s shag hair styling together. Sooooo fun! I think a yoghurt pound cake……

Suz, LOVED Klute and Jane Fonda’s ‘70s style.

Sal, I love all those cakes! Cream cheese icing is the best.

Lisa P, I really miss working with my clients

The Cat, knowing that your readers match your outfits made me smile.

Lyn67, I prefer my hair short, but thanks for the compliment.

Janet, Sam got lots of hugs from you through me. Much love. xo

RD, you are so nice.

Laura, can we please bless RL dresses? Love back to you and yours too, my friend. xo

Roxanna, thanks for liking stripes on me

Jenna, high five!

Andrea, fun to be your dress twin! I love that. I bet you look stunning in the dress. Enjoy your haircut!

You have the best grow-out I have ever seen! I love the way sweet Sam looks at you - he is a doll! You look comfortable yet classy - and absolutely beautiful!

You look ladylike and elegant in a tee shirt dress! How do you do it? I see that the dress is no longer available. I hesitated because of the boat neck. Why do boat necks scrunch up on me in front if I want to wear a jacket or even a cardi. What am I doing wrong?

Nemosmom, you are sooo nice! Thank you.

Sweet Ruth, I know what you mean about the boat necks and scrunching. They really need to be a good fit on the shoulders. Neat and tight, and not too wide.

Looks great! I love the elbow-length sleeves.

So, with apologies for paying little attention to your delightful outfit, I must ask how Mr. Sam Sam is looking so dapper?

Our little Bodie is a complete and total ragamuffin at the moment. He HATES being groomed so we just swipe at him with scissors or clippers when he'll allow it. Yes, he is a hot mess right now.

Great to see you chime in, Brenda!

April, Sam was groomed a few weeks back. We bath him twice a week, and he's brushed once a day