This is what I'm wearing today. At home. Nowhere to go but walk Sam four times a day.

Both of our old Dads are very far away. One in Europe and one in Africa. We speak to them daily, and they are in very good spirits despite it all. Inspiring, brave, and amazing men. I'm in awe.

Washington state in the USA - (where Seattle is) - is successfully flattening its COVID 19 curve thanks to excellent local state leadership and early social distancing compliance. I'm hopeful. Today was a better day! I'm calm, positive, energized and productive. I even wore lipstick.

I never plan what I wear unless I travel. I base my outfit entirely on my mood and the weather when I choose it in the morning. Today I wanted to wear a skirt! So I chose my mustard velvet skirt with matching Boden shirt. Wearing velvet in the Spring - why not?

Needed to crisp up the mustard with BLUE because I'm not an earthy gal, although I wear earth tones.

Bonus: My new light blue sneakers have not been outside yet, so I can wear them at home for a while. WOOHOOO! Another pair of AT HOME ONLY shoes.

I am extremely comfortable in this outfit - pantyhose and all! The bias cut skirt MOVES and my top is fluid. I layered a thick Heattech tee under the shirt for warmth. I clean, cook, work, walk Sam, watch tele, and do everything else in this outfit - accept my workout in the early morning which has me in yoga gear.

Two toppers here. The light blue was not warm enough for outside. Chose ten year old navy military coat later. I prefer the light blue! I want a light blue wool pandemic.

Thanks for looking. xo