Love it, and glad your dad is back home!

YLF in your maxi dot tulle skirt Angie, and love you did match light blue color for the sneakers and bag, makes all the difference! Best wishes for your dear Papa, good he's now at home again, perhaps you can take a breath from all the morning stress you had earlier...


Great news about your dad

Love it!! and Sam is a doll - just want to cuddle him, I can see why he is special to you.

The light blue sneakers and handbag are a match for your pretty eyes! Rock on Angie, Greg and CEO Sam!

Oh, Angie, I'm so thankful your dear Papa is back at home and receiving good care.

You've juxtaposed the grungy with the dressy and made it all yours! I can't believe how well this works! Adding the dressy skirt and the light blue touches make this pure Angie, in spite of the rarely-worn black.

Oh, yay , Papa on the mend! Look at Sam, not a care in the world !
love how your eyewear really add so much to your already fabulous outfits! The fact that you dress up each day , is soooooo refreshing YLF !

That is a genius outfit, Angie. You could wear it to have tea with the Queen, or to stroll in the park with Sam. I think it's the pearls that do the trick! Love, love, love.

I love this outfit, Angie! A skirt and t-shirt is more comfortable than gear for me, as well, but as much as I love them, I find tulle and lace overlays hard to wear. I always manage to catch them on a hook or a doorknob or a plant, and they're too delicate to withstand much of my clumsiness.

Love this, Angie! Also love the pic of Sam laying in the sun. My dog LOVES the sun and seeks out sunny spots in the house.

I'm looking forward to warm days so I can pull out my skirts and dresses. It snowed this morning. WHAT! It's April 21st.

This new denim jacket arrived yesterday. Colour is "Sweet". My first order from So nice to not have to wait weeks for a Nordstrom order to arrive. I love the light faded colour with bits of darker blue. It's edgier looking than my basic medium blue jacket. I think it will be great with the blues and whites I'm putting together for spring/summer.

Sassy outfit! A little too dressed up for me just hanging in the condo in Florida!

Love that jacket Marilyn ! I'd wear that whole outfit , in fact.

Thanks so much, ladies. REALLY appreciate the kind words. Good for body, mind and spirit

It's a little stressful this morning with Dad. He's not doing so well. Back later...

I’m back.

THANK YOU everyone, for your sweet words. They mean more than you know.

Kathie, yes! We have gorgeous city and water views. Very blessed.

Christina, maybe you need to wear a tee with pearls and tulle too!

Lisa P, OF COURSE you can wear this skirt! For me, I wish it was blue ….

Kelly and Joy, I’m thrilled to have inspired your own outfits! I hope we see your fab looks.

Jaime, my hair has its moments, and thanks for being so gracious. Sorry about the stressful situation in FL. Really hope your parents are okay. Hand in there.

Slim Cat, and Jasmine, YAY. You understand SUB POP

Suz, you’re so nice. Go Team Blue!

Janet! I knew you’d know SUB POP. Best you get a black version of the tee.

Sarah, Nemosmom, Taylor, Brooklyn, Jasmine, Columbine and Anne., thanks for chiming in about my Dad. And yes, me in a tee is unusual!

Bijou and Sterling, I have to agree that Sam is an awfully cute dog….

Lyn67, you are lovely. Mornings are still stressful unfortunately.

Laura, it would be nice to have blue eyes…..

Becky, you’re so engaged and gracious. You hit the nail on the head with your intuition and comments, and I’m thrilled you are back on YLF.

Xtabay, what a nice thing to say. It would be fun to have tea with the Queen!

Jenn, YES. I know what you mean about tulle and lace. This must be robust tulle!

Marilyn, GREAT jacket! Go away snow. How horrid to have to deal with snow in April.

Yes, why not? I really love this combo. Inspirational.

Angie - pearls aren't my thing (though I do have some family heirloom black pearls). Otherwise, challenge accepted!

Fun outfit. Made me smile. And oh, the glorious sunshine.

The Cat, go Team Skirt!

MsMaven, we need to see you wear your skirts with a denim jacket. Super cute on you.

Christina, I expect to see your version of this outfit soon

Angie I love this one! Yes to black and blue. Also a fairly good Stones album.

That is a beautiful skirt and I like the way you have styled it. You are giving me ideas. Maybe I need a summer skirt. They are cool and comfy on hot days. Hoping you hear some good news about your dad really soon.


bonnie, YES to every word about Summrer skirts. I'm wearing another skirt today.

I’m less shocked to see you in a T-shirt than I am to see you in black! Great shirt and adorable with the skirt.

Hope your dad is ok.

Preppy Pear, YES. It's very unusual