It's that time of year again, partners in crime (I mean style). Oops!

Let it be duly noted for the court, I am a proponent of the Big Seasonal Shop.

In my defence, Your Honour, I did not shop at all (apart from long underwear) between mid-November and mid-March.

I took advice from many of you. I've ordered up a veritable storm, and I don't think I'm completely done yet, either!

(The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me, fashion goddesses.)

I have my eye on a few Inge-picked items at Loft and Ann Taylor (where I have a gift card) but I need to be able to go there in person to use it due to regulations. (GRRRR, Oh BorderFree, why do I detest thee?)

Here are a few lovelies that are on their way for me to try. I am still on the hunt for the right vest (one that works for my climate and casual but crisp style), as well as for colourful shoes or sandals that are a bit more practical than the Emmas (or for white sandals). Suggestions gladly taken! (But I may get the Emmas, regardless.)

Wish me luck. And repeat after me. I will not keep all of this. I will not keep all of this. I will not keep all of this.

BTW, just so you know...I have edited the spring closet so on the one-in-one-out principle I have room for at least 6 new items. I can justify a few more if they are likely-to-last a few years statements, and am justifying the tee purchases as replacements and needed for summer travel.