Lots of intereting pieces here - and I too look forward to seeing and reading about what works and what didn't. I have the Aritizia blouse in a different colour way , was really torn between the short sleeved blouse version shown here and the tunic/dress version. Wanted both because of the print

Fabulous choices! I can't wait to hear how they worked!

Good time to buy, too, before everything is sold out

I hope some of these work out for you! I'm eyeing that BR linen tank and hope to try it on in store.

AT LAST. I have been waiting for your flirty fling, Suz. Lots of fun stuff. As Elizabeth said - let the games begin. All in good fun. WOOHOOOO.

Huge seasonal shops can be fab, can't they? This is the ONLY way some of my clients shop.

Great haul! You have some really nice pieces here to try and I understand the "need" to shop in bulk at certain times - I notice if I don't jump on things a lot of time my size is gone. The culottes are esp. fun for you I'm thinking and I can't wait to see if they work. And I love that white linen sleeveless top (wondering if it will require a cami under it?).

I have that jc metallic tee on order too (after deciding I just needed another graphic tee, you know, while they are on trend and all) and am wearing the Ecco sandals in the taupe color right now -- I really like the comfort -- so I hope they work well for you in the metallic. They are just slightly more delicate than some of my other sandals, so I'm not sure if they will hold up to country living for more than one season, but I think I'm keeping them.

Great picks Suz.

A feast for the eyes!
Thanks for sharing

Love these pics .. They will look great on you I am sure!

Great choices. I might have to try those Zara culottes.

Woo-hoo! Can't wait to see you model all of these fun looking items!

Whee, fun fun fun! Can't wait to see these on you. I love everything. And I still think you really, really need the pink Emmas.

Ooh, can't wait to see the try-ons. LOVE the Aritzia T-shirt. I bet that will be stunning on you!