Hi all

Through YLF and some tweaking I feel my wardrobe is now about the right size and I am well set up for conceivable occasions in the near future. It is not perfect - I have a couple of gaps like a decent puffer (mine is looking tired) and black boots that I like. I have not counted this year and I suspect it has crept up from about 100 to more like 115 or so... I am not so much buying more (about 25-30 pieces a year) but I am buying better, more suited for my lifestyle.

However I do have some essentials on their last legs (three black summer tops, some cognac sandal boots, my camel ankle boots, pewter high tops, the puffer jacket, white pants - and a couple of pieces I am wearing but not enjoying quite as much (cobalt sleeveless tunic, black moto boots). But I feel the time has come to say -one in-one out.

I am not quite on a shopping ban - I did add a floral bomber two weeks ago on heavy sale - but we have some big plans so I need to be very prudent with my budget at the moment. So I think it will be replacements mostly for the rest of this year - not exactly strict replacements - but pieces that fill the same need.

I know Angie does one in-one out (but she has many wardrobe superpowers that I don't have) - anyone else doing it successfully?


ETA: I had a spare hour in the car with a laptop and no WIFI so I counted my closet - then got home and checked. It is possible there are one or two summer pieces in storage that I have forgotten about.

  • Winter coats  3
  • Jackets and Blazers 9
  • Cardigans 2

  • Dresses and tunics (Incl occasion wear) 18
  • Tops and blouses 24*
  • Sweaters 5
  • Skirts 2
  • Pants and jeans 11
  • Shoes, Boots and sandals 20
  • Sunglasses 2
  • Bags and clutches 9
  • Loungewear and gear (about 35) **

* Blouses, tanks, shirts, tee shirts, knitted tops etc (long, short and sleeveless)

** includes leggings, sweaters only worn at home, raincoat, rain boots, running, gym, cycling and swimming gear

*** not counted - hats, scarves, lingerie, sleepwear, jewelry