I’ve been thinking about trends and Greyscale’s post on Zara prompted me to share my thoughts and ask you all what do you think.
I recently spent some time at Aritzia/Wilfred with my DIL. I browsed the stores for a specific item she was looking for and waited in a fitting room for her to try it on. And all I could see is endless supply of tight, cropped tops worn with high waisted jeans/bike shorts/very short denim shorts and cute, short dresses with puffy sleeves. Same seen on the streets plus t-shirt dresses, Birks, chunky sneakers, wide leg pants paired usually with tight tank tops. I see a lot of the same on IG. Just a sea of sameness which what trends are. It turns me off completely.
This is not what I want to wear. I used to think that I spice up my wardrobe with a few trendy items each season. I checked my last three years of purchases and realized that I don’t actually buy trendy things. Even if I wear high waisted jeans, it’s hardly matter since I don’t tuck in or wear cropped tops, I don’t actively seek them, I just buy what is available at retail. Wider leg jeans or pants are already mainstream style or classic. And I’ve been wearing oversized clothes for at least 5 years.
So, I do my own thing. Is this the time in life when one chooses “interesting”instead of “trendy”?
How much of your wardrobe is trendy? Does it matter to you? What trendy items do you have in your wardrobe?