I'm in a very dressy mood - (but with sneakers, loafers or extremely comfy flat boots because I walk everywhere! Or with my very old gold dress up pumps and heeled loafers).

I LOVE these looks! Navy and cream/tan yumminess in the form of a pants suit and skirt/top. They are how I would do what they call "holiday" here in the US. That's end of year party occasion dressing for the rest of the world. Comfy, warm, covered, fluid, or fluidly tailored. It's a wet cold here in Winter! You need to feel warm.


Not that I have any parties to go to.....

But I'd just wear the items too - for work - and separate them with the addition of denim. The suit I'd dress down with sneakers, and not separate.

Something to think about, and hopefully catch the items on sale

Who else is in a dressy mood?

*The BEAUTIFUL Boden skirt came and went. It was too big, and cannot be altered. What a pity

*The STUNNING The FOLD suit the same. A pity

Oh, well!