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I had to log in to comment - Sterling, I think I'd consider renting your own car. Only once did I travel with family members with a "shared" rental car. The one who didn't contribute to the rental in the beginning decided it was her personal transportation once there (she then said she would "chip in" when the bill was presented). Her wanting control of the destinations did not sit well and it caused friction with some of the other family members. It was an area with very limited options so we couldn't easily rent another car once there. I vowed to never share a rental car on a trip again.

But that's me.

Sounds like it's going to be a lodge type theme. Plaid fushia and navy with a few pearl necklaces maybe? ;-). If you do decide you need waterproof hikers, these Merrells are comfy and warm and come in black as well.

Most of all, just decide to do it your way, to have fun and you probably will have a great time.

here is my only comment about jumpsuits....toilets and sleeves seem to have an affinity for each other that never happens with 2 or 3 piece outfits....just sayin'... I might have personal experinces .....

I'm going to heartily recommend the Patagonia Nano Puff... can get it with or without hood... even comes in fuchsia! I bought one for our hiking trip to Sedona. LOVE it. So warm. But also packs up super small into a tiny pouch. It now comes along on lots of trips, even summer trips:;cgid=

Totally agree you need a plaid flannel shirt too.

Incidentally I hiked all over Sedona in my Allbirds. I did bring my hikers but they bruised my ankles all over after day 1.

I thought of you today as I walked from Ikea to the S-Bahn. Fuchsia and green, light or dark, are a naturally good combo.

I’m amused that Shiny and I have offered two versions of fuchsia in the same jacket!

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I saw this top and thought it might work if the wedding isn’t super dressy.

ETA: I love the Nanopuff, too. I always take one when I fly: it packs very small, and keeps me warm when it’s chilly.

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About the rental car - is your destination populated enough to have many Lyft/Uber drivers? I've found that those services have really cut into my need to rent a car for local travel flexibility. But of course, places like my rural hometown only have one driver in the area. So it depends whether your mountain retreat is more like Tahoe (populous) or a real backwoods escape.

OH! Greyscale. I have no idea, but that is such a great idea. It certainly is worth looking into because I am second guessing the idea of a rental car. A good friend explained to me how that might be perceived and the hurt feelings that might arise. I decided I could suck it up for three days.

JAileen -- I love, LOVE that top.

Thank you, Shiny and Fashiontern. The puffer is gorgeous and I have no idea what to expect weatherize, but I think I am set. I own this jacket and I really do love it. I will wear it with a fuchsia scarf.

Shiny -- I did order a plaid shirt from the Gap. I think it is navy/fuchsia. Very pretty. It will be perfect for relaxing. I also own Allbirds. It would be great if they were all I needed for hiking because I can wear them for travel. I am hoping the hiking will be more photographing and not as rigorous as I imagined.

SW Ann -- You made my day with your comment. That would be so true in my case.

TexStyle -- SO NICE TO SEE YOU. I loved the plaid shirt you showed, but I am sized out it because of a broad back and well ... breasts. It is gorgeous though. Thank you for finding it. I did take your advice though and ordered a plaid shirt from the Gap. The idea of adding pearls is great ... especially given the circumstances. Your story about traveling with family did not make me laugh. I could see that happening amongst my family.

Another thing you may want to do, if possible, is take a couple days for yourself afterwards as your own retreat! Either in the same area, home, or somewhere else. I know id need that after having to be "on" for several days

I have no sage advice, but the rest of the forum community has that covered. I'll just say that I'm so glad to see that you're feeling more relaxed about your options, and I hope you find something you feel comfortable, fabulous, and YOU in. I completely understand the introvert need to get away from the group and recharge; I think you'd be perfectly within your rights to retire to your room early or take a bit of a break as needed. I hope it turns out to be a fun, festive getaway once all the packing decisions have been made (selecting and packing is always one of my least favorite parts of traveling!).