I keep track of what I wear every day in a notebook and have done this for a few years. I do it so that when I am stumped for what to wear in the morning I can look back for inspiration.

This evening I decided to tally up # of wears since January 1. I have a problem.... I don't wear my clothes enough! I think I have too many items. I do closet edits to take out anything that doesn't fit, or has seen better days. But I don't edit for quantity. I like to have a lot of options, but I would also like to really wear my clothes and not just let them sit, unworn.

I enjoy a bargain, so if I can get an Eileen Fisher sweater for $100 at a great sale, I'll buy it! And I'll love it. But I won't wear it enough to feel like it should be.ong to me. I should let someone else buy it and enjoy it more.

I spend more per item now than I did ten years ago, but I also continue to buy more items. I think I need to just stop with the quantity and focus solely on quality and fit to make me" style happy".

Thoughts? Advice?