Last week, I dreamt I was back in my recurring-weird-dream-version of a Hong Kong shopping center. And I dreamt that I left my bag - a sky blue silk brocade handbag with bamboo handles (long-ago passed on), in a shop somewhere. Everything was in this bag: keys, passport, money, phone…you name it. And I had to leave for the airport in an hour. And the building was about to close, while I ran frantically through this arcade, trying to remember where I set it down.

A voice - my voice - cut across the story, saying, “You don’t really need a purse anymore, so calm down”… and then I woke up - all stressed out, LOL.

Awake, I’ve realized that to a extent, this is true. I still need a purse… I just need less purse. I’ve been carrying small crossbody bags since the pandemic started, to minimize surface contact. In my purse I carry: my car key, tinted lip balm, mask, hand sanitizer, Benadryl and ibuprofen, hand lotion, a small card holder, eye drops, comb, and breath spray. My bag is more makeup bag than anything else. I don’t carry a house key, because we installed a keypad on the garage door opener. I’m looking for ways to downsize all of this.

Anyway. I had set myself a goal to wear a pink complement outfit, I’ve realized that my pink Furla handbag is very pretty, but not practical for my lifestyle. I am girding my loins to say farewell and will (probably) send it to my sister, if she wants it.

I’m going to start actively seeking out pockets in my clothing, and I’m taking a closer look at all of my bags.

Here is my pink complement WIW, to run errands and have a socially distanced patio coffee date with a friend. The second photo was at Goodwill. I stopped in to return a jacket, and was amused to find this tapestry print crossbody that matched my jacket. (It didn’t come home with me).

I’m going to paraphrase Gollum… “what’s in your pocketses… and purses?”

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