Spring weather is so unpredictable. Yesterday I was in boots and a jacket, today it is hot - 30C.

This OBG challenge has highlighted quite a few things for me and today has been revealing too. I realised that I have very few summer OBG items because with my long hot summers I wear out my favourite summer clothing and footwear, especially my summer footwear. I have a couple of items that fit the bill of being old but not favourite and they have only lasted because they have not been worn overly much. Today's item is my white shorts that are 10 years old and are mainly worn to the beach in high summer.

I don’t wear shorts often as I prefer more leg coverage, but shorts can be useful, so these are still in my wardrobe.

White shorts (10 years old), with blue blouse 2019, favourite white slides 2017, Furla Hello Kitty bag 2019 and Kenzo cap 2020. 

DH bought me the cap after hearing that Kenzo died - so this is very new and already getting worn often because I wear a hat or cap most days when out walking.

Bonus photos of jacaranda trees from my morning walk that are in full bloom for Angie to remind her of Cape Town at this time of year. They are native to South Africa but do very well in Australia and are always a highlight of November. When you fly into Perth you see purple from the trees in bloom all over the city as they are used to line our streets.