Today I wanted to wear a dress and my favourite white sneaker boots. My OBG addition is my Zara red pea coat that is 6 years old.

At the time Zara was not in Australia and I bought this jacket in Singapore from the flagship store on Orchard Road. It is a beautiful store and this jacket which also came in black does not feel like Fast Fashion. It is well made and has worn like iron. At the time I was leaning towards the black, because I suffered from thinking that black was the most versatile colour. Luckily the sales assistant told me that the red was better and had a wow factor and so of course I bought the red. Soo glad I did, this was the colour injection that my wardrobe needed and the precursor to my hot pink beacon coat (also 6 years old) which I bought later in the year and also wore and loved lots. I had joined YLF and you can see the Angie influence.

Wore to walk Margot and I like how we match in our red and white. Poor Margot, I tried to do a selfie holding her but it did not turn out too well and I will leave that to Angie and Sam

It was a windy morning but has heated up now. It is fun to revisit some old wardrobe items. This Zara jacket shows no sign of wear and is perfect for me with its classic cut, bright colour and gold hardware I can see me wearing it for years to come.

Zara coat in finds as well as its sister - the pink beacon coat both 2014

Dress Boden 2019

Boots NeroGiardini 2020

Bag (unlabelled) 2020