I wear black or dark gray pants a lot and so try to jazz things up by trying to find not- black shoes . I'm a can of nude shoes with skirts and dresses for longer leg line, especially since I seldom am in a heel.

I observed lots of stylings of nude footwear with black pants and so said, hey, that's what I need to do.

Funny thing is, after wearing several versions of black or charcoal with beige or nude shoes, it feels so NOT me. Not a poison- eye, but not right.
Now, I haven't tried with very cropped pants , which might work more like a skirt.

Do you think this is just an aspect of my eye expecting more Bookending with my dark hair? I find even a light- colored top does not help me " like" the effect.

I DO love medium- toned or mixed not- black footwear with dark pants, so that's where I'm looking--grays, burgundy, tweedy, the right reptile tones.
For the rare times I can find work pants in much lighter colors, I think nude footwear will be great.

Anyway, this just surprised me because this approach was going to be a way to "summerize" dark pants.
Instead I see a kind of wardrobe hole for medium-toned, closed- toe, comfortable shoes that go with trousers but somehow don't look as

wintry. Also i had thought i depersty needed nude booties for the same purpose but now I' re- thought that.
I've tried some of the cut- out
booties-did not find the right fit, but something like that could be great, and my 2- toned loafers or other " combo colors".
Anybody else have a HEWI for summer workwear footwear that is not too light or too casual ?