Seattle went into our safe start re-opening Phase 2 four days ago, which means that brick 'n mortar retail stores can operate at 30% capacity with LOTS of restrictions.

The downtown Seattle shopping area - my stomping ground - is still 90% boarded up despite the go ahead of Phase 2 because of civic unrest. I do not know when these stores will re-open. Retailers in some malls though, have re-opened. All on very restricted schedules. 

The Seattle Nordstrom Flagship - a 20 minute walk from our loft apartment - re-opened today, and I was invited to see what's going on. Top SAs were called back last week to prep the store and train for the new normal. 

The store has done everything it possibly can to make shoppers feel safe and welcome. Every employee was wearing a mask, and some in face shields and gloves too. Every customer was wearing a mask, and Nordstrom will kindly give you one if you forgot yours. There is sanitizer everywhere. Perspex shields have been put up at tills and kiosks, and social distancing measures and guidelines are everywhere. 

A good amount of people in the store, and everyone was cautious and careful. Social distancing and respectful of each other. Very few people trying things on, though. When you try an item on - it goes into 48 hrs of quarantine afterwards, so it's hard. Hard if you need another size and hard for the SAs to sell something right away. People were taking extra care as to whether they really wanted to try an item on. ME TOO! 

The store looked beautiful and was well stocked. Some areas closed up - like most of the make-up counters. But you can still buy make-up if you want to.

I browsed a bit, but didn't touch anything. I enjoyed looking at the items and recognized many of them from online browsing. 

I did though bring my own very seasonal Summer dress to have altered a size down so that I can wear it now (the sleeveless navy polka dots in the dressing room). The alterations person was great, and had to get used to working in her shield and gloves. 

As I was having my dress altered, a reporter from the press came up to me and asked if she could take my photo to show that things were back up and running at Nordies. I said, "no thank you, I don't want my photo taken......"

It was quite a trick taking on and off my dresses with a mask! And your speech is muffled in a mask. Good thing I have a loud voice. 

Pics speak for themselves. 

I spent about 35 mins in the store, and walked back home. The Rack was open, but I did not feel like going in. 

This is the new normal. Onward! #wegotthisseattle