I totally get the problem of trying stuff on and its effect on merchandising. But, such a Catch-22. Not trying on usually = not buying, which doesn’t help the stores. I agree with less “ oh what the heck” tryons , though depending on what that means to different people, it may mean no “ wild cards”.
I recently went to Athleta and I bought 3 items but tried on about 14, including the ones I bought, Including different sizes & colors in those and other items.

The SA was very available to get other items, but had not asked me to limit my numbers, so in future I wonder if an approach in some stores would be to take an initial “guesstimate “ item or 2 ad then get other items from the SA? I would certainly try to adapt. This is pretty easy for a different size of an item you have but harder to ask for other styles you don’t know well, and hard in stores where the dressing room design and the staffing aren’t convenient for that.

Angie, thanks for the report. How different this familiar places look now, so many things have happened and changed in such a short time.
Things here are almost completely back to normal. Shops are open since Easter, and as of last week masks are not mandatory in shops any more. They are still mandatory only for public transport, medical facilities/pharmacies and services where you can’t keep distance like hairdressers. Streets are busy and crowded, people are not socially distancing, and masks are extremely rare. You could not tell that we still in the midst of pandemic. People are kissing and hugging, sharing food in full restaurants, it is crazy. But virus is still arround and there is on average 20-30 new cases im Vienna every day, and about 270 active cases.

Thanks for sharing Angie. I hope both consumers and retailers will be able to adapt to the new normal. YLF of course.

I'm utterly distracted by how fantastic you look! Your hair is SO great right now! You're living in a very different world right now than many of us- in terms of civil unrest and covid issues. It's a bit surreal to those of us in other countries and cities where life is returning to normal. Browsing in a department store, or any store for that matter, is not on my radar at the moment, and that's ok. If anything, all of "this" has forced me to be hyper aware of my real intent when shopping .....and if it's even necessary at all.

Thank you for sharing Angie. It’s going to take a long time before I go into a b&m store again. But oh that red dress! You look great! Also picture #5 is a hair inspo for me.

Wow. So sad to see your beautiful city boarded up. Glad to hear things are slowly reopening. Our malls and stores have started opening up again around here but I haven’t been to any of them yet.

Oh, Angie. Thank you for posting this. SO strange to see Seattle boarded up and so empty. Such a different look than last year, right? And such a different shopping experience, too. Wow.

You look gorgeous in your (our) dress (I wore mine again on Monday, with white denim jacket!) and I love it with the pale blue accents. SOOOO pretty with your red specs and even with a mask. The new normal.

Glad you will get the polka dot altered so it can be worn. That will be something to celebrate.

These pictures are very inspiring to me.

I went to my local Nordie’s on Saturday, i think thie store had bee opened a week. The return process went really well, they had a whole special section set up, the space was clearly marked and as it was not crowded, social distancing was no issue. Based on that, i took a quick run thru the store...and will probably not be back. Nordstrom’s and its employees were prepared and i have no issues.... Unfortunately i decided to use the ladies room, and ran into people wearing masks around their chins, and 1 women who, i kid you not, did not wash her hands! Gross enough in a non pandemic, but now? So for me, its shop online

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on shopping with COVID-19 too. It's clear we are living VERY different realities. Onward we all go our way, and continuing to do what feels best in our settings and contexts.

Masks in the state of WA are mandatory from Friday onwards, and I'm very used to wearing one!

Jenni, that's the Gap building in pic #1 - not Nordstrom. Gap is still all closed up. Nordies opened yesterday.

Slim Cat, how are things going as a SA? Thanks for always being so nice.

Lisa P, thanks for the hair love! It's set the scene for a '70s look I am excited about. Maybe you can grow your hair a little too?

Suz, thanks for the outfit love - that you can wear almost exactly too. Waving at my outfit twin I love our dress!

Zaeobi, that's a shame. I believe in HK there are mask vending machines, right?

Carla, I know exactly what you mean

Echo, the re-opening of schools in a couple of months is absolutely worrisome. Glad you are staying safe for your Mum.

Bridge, what a nice thing to say my friend

Love your outfit, Angie! And your hair! Seattle looks like a beautiful city.

Style Fan, you are lovely. YES, Seattle is beautiful.

Thanks so much for this report and the photos, Angie. I feel emotional reading this, and looking at the photos and recognizing several stores we went to together when I was in Seattle.

Sounds like Nordstrom is doing a great job of keeping everything as safe as possible, but it really is a strange experience right now, isn't it.


P.S. Anchie, that's so interesting to hear. We're only a few countries away from each other, and starting phase 3 of relaxing pandemic rules. It feels weird and scary.

Thank you for this look into how things are progressing where you are.It must be doubly strange for you as retail is an integral part of your job.
You look fantastic as always.It makes me glad that somewhere in the world someone is wearing something other than shorts or tracksuit bottoms!

Non essential retail re opened here this week but I am not rushing back As the DD says ,all the things that made a shopping trip enjoyable,the ambling about,trying things on and stopping for coffee are not possible here so you might as well order on line and avoid the risk.

Thanks Angie, so no photo of the outside of the flagship then? I can Google instead.
And you look beautiful.

Jenni, this is what the Nordstrom Seattle flagship looked like when it was boarded up (I took these pics on Saturday). It re-opened yesterday so some of the boards have been taken down. But not all of them.

Thanks, sweet Inge! We will shop together at some point. Something to look forward to

Cardiff Girl, it's all very tricky, isn't it.

Thanks for the kind words! I do love my Summer dresses....

Coming back to talk a bit here about how much this must be affecting you, Angie, in SO many ways. Shopping in person, closely with clients, is your livelihood and profession. To have the landscape altered so dramatically and SO quickly must have left your head spinning. I can only imagine the range of emotion you must be feeling as you see the places you earned your living being boarded up, closed, or changed so much. Figuring out where the future of personal shopping will lie is a big challenge, but one you will be up to, I know. I for one would be interested in hearing your thoughts about how your job will move forward.

Some stores ( Bloomingdales in San Jose, CA ) are offering an appointment shopping. The customer can reserve special time ( like an hour before the store is opened ) and shop in much more relaxed atmosphere. I imaging the client shopping with an expert like Angie will be happening this way for a while. The number of items in fitting room is recommended 10-12. However for a special client things could be a bit different. Masks are required, gloves are appreciated.

Thanks Angie. I had Googled in the meantime. Looks like a massive store. Bigger than any here in lil ole NZ.

Angie - Yes!! Already looking forward to it soooo much! xxx

Wow sounds like a very strange experience! I haven't been in a clothing store since this all started and not really sure I want to. Around here there is a large portion of people who refuse to wear masks so I'm hesitant to be around them much. I am happier to give my business to those who enforce it.

Lisa P, it has all felt surreal and sad, although my head is not spinning! But thankfully and gratefully, I am more than a personal shopper. I have a unique fashion and style platform, as well as 28 years of experience. I will adapt and embrace my evolved business model and use my skill set. It will take a while to figure things out, though.

Slim Cat, thanks for the intel. Good to know.

Jenni, it's actually not the biggest Nordstrom! Although it is store #1 and the flagship.


Robin F, there you go.

I just stopped at my local Rack to try to return shoes - holy cow, the checkout line was literally around the 3/4 of the perimeter of the whole store. I left!

Angie, you look amazing, and thanks for sharing this experience.

Thanks, Laurie! I can believe the length of that queue.....

Thanks for sharing this update. I really hope Nordstrom makes it through this, it's always been my favorite. Nice to see and hear how things are progressing.

Wow, it' s so sad too see the shops all boarded up...OMG, we didn't experienced this here... but glad you did a short raid-hope things will return to normal asap-but no matter what you look so radiant, sharp and fab-as always!!!:-)

Wow, it' s so sad too see the shops all boarded up...OMG, we didn't experienced this kind of barricades here-not even during lockdown... but glad you did a short raid-hope things will return to normal asap-but no matter what you look so radiant, sharp and fab-as always!!!:-)

I had to go out and about yesterday to buy some sandals and I was not happy about it but it had to be done. I had to actually try things on my feet to make sure they would be comfortable. I went to TJMaxx and I was shocked at how many people were crowded closely together with no masks on. I'm glad your Nordstrom is being serious about safety!