I REALLY wanted this to work - but it doesn't. (See first Find). The blazer even has a polka dot lining....

*sobbing a little*

The blazer is a full size too big and I cannot size down. Not alterable either. Yet last year's Boden blazers fit 100% in the same size. The fit is different this year. Oh well. That's how it goes!

The mustard velvet pants are fabulous and I could have those altered to fit. GORGEOUS quality and colour. Bonus that they work with last years perfect Boden blazers and my old chartreuse coat (next set of the Finds). Colours are a good match. The mustard is more chartreuse in person. I'm keeping the pants.

AND, it's lovely with my fuzzy cream jumper, cream Furla and cream booties (last Finds). Not as fun as the complete suit, but warm and pretty nonetheless. Festive with the new specs too.