I was at J.Crew today. Noticed the t-shirt display. Pic #1.

I fell in love with their new watermelon Fair Isle with white, navy and light blue accents. Popped it on, adored it semi-tucked with high rise jeans, and decided to give J.Crew another chance this year - and HOPE it doesn't pill. (Would have bought the Boden Fair Isle , but the colours are too cool toned for my complexion).

I asked if there was a discount on knitwear today. The manager said you get 20% off your order if you voted. I replied that I wasn't a US citizen so couldn't vote - but would have if I held a US passport. The manager said not to worry - and gave me 15% off my order right away. NICE

I like that the neckline is pearl-friendly. And that it's a slam dunk with my watermelon and light blue Furlas, and of course - white boots! Soon I'll have a new pair of watermelon specs that will match nicely too.

Fun to be part of Team Fair Isle, Smittie & kkards.