Well done, JCrew! And that watermelon sure is yummy on you.

Thank you ALL for the awfully kind words and giggles, ladies.

Opaline, good memory of the lace dress. NICE Fair Isles too. Fun to be on your Team.

Taylor, good memory. Tomato red is my #1 red, and most of my red items are tomato - (see tomorrow’s blog post). That said, I will wear watermelon red next to my face because it’s as sour and warm. I will wear cooler reds on the bottom, and as shoes and bags. AND I will mix reds in an outfit. Hope that makes sense.

Sal and Shevia, it IS cheerful. I saw that too.

Smittie and kkards, thanks for being stylish Fair Isle inspirations.

Jenn, try the grey.

Unfrumped, YES. I’m grabbing

Joy, the dark part is NAVY - bonus. I think I’ll wear this on Thanksgiving.

Carla, nemosmom and Cardiff Girl, you make me blush.

Suntiger, I'm VERY excited about the new specs.

Lisa p, I might go back for a price adjustment.....although I am bad, bad, bad at that.

Jane, Cindy and Mirjana, the voting tees drew me into the store. Good marketing.

Synne, you are gracious. WOW, I want to see your creative work of art.

Lyn67, yes - exactly how I show the pearls in the pictures is how I am wearing them. Different and subtle. That’s how the pearls work with my cashmere hoodie too.

Eliza, sooooo with you. J.Crew hasn’t inspired me for a while either. We’ll see how the pilling goes on this darling.

Laura, you need an earth toned Fair Isle.

You look so radiant in this. Unfortunately I don’t have a need for a thick sweater, it is well heated everywhere, I am freezing more in summer than in winter. Is watermelon pinkish red, while tomato is more orangy red?

Ooh, you make fair isle looks so fresh and fun! Gorgeous, Angie!

You look so cute in that sweater, I just love the fair isle looks! I so tempted to go look at them while I wait for my Boden order to come in.

Oh Angie this looks wonderful on you! I do love a fair Isle. Last winter I found the perfect colour, no wool content but the neck - yikes on a choky mock turtle! Wore it once and donated. This one from j crew has a lovely neckline. I may have to resume my hunt.

I wouldn't mind trying on an Unfair Isle knit... mostly out of curiosity !

Not my style but that sweater and those colors are fantastic on you!!

Gorgeous style on you. You look radiant as usual

Thanks for the kind words, Kelly, Deanna, Glory, mntsofthemoon and Anchie.

Brooklyn, thank you. I know brights aren't your thing, so I doubly appreciate that you like them on me.

Cee, we have to stick with FAIR Isle on YLF. It's pc

Oh no... the cream fair isle is calling to me but I need to put a moratorium on sweater purchases! Maybe just one more...

Lovely! Those colours just slot right into your existing wardrobe, don't they?

I love the peek-a-boo pearls. Having them partially tucked gives them a casual, less stuffy feel (something I find hard to achieve with a classic pearl necklace). Taking notes...

Fair Isle knits are PC ? ...You must be yoking !

There goes Cee, cracking yokes again

Don't egg me on, Smitt' !