I think it works great - actually I love the whole outfit! I was thinking about those kick flares but was afraid that they will be way too short for me in the regular length.
I soooo hear you on the fashion slump! Not that I see any in your pictures but for what I feel. Maybe it is just a time for a change for both of us? It is really interesting that nobody can guess you are in a slump by looking at me but this is how I feel...
Speaking about change:I passed this merino pullover in the store but seeing it on you I am regretting it. Maybe more fitting pullover is exactly what I need right now?...but pink or navy?
Oh and I think we are on the same wavelength re. "denim update": I just dropped my faded Gap jeans to make into cropped ones

Hello, gorgeous! I love the kick flares on you, and I'm not really into the kick flare trend (yet). So sorry to hear you've been going through a rough time.

Must hear about that libretto sometime soon! I hear you entirely about dressing for drama classes! Opera singers often rehearse in "rehearsal skirt" (big, long gathered skirts) and knee pads. Such a lovely look! (Your jeans are far fabber).

Wolf whistle! (I am taking back the whistle ;-)) I love how you assessed the perfect size for those jeans, and they do look perfect. Yes, the penny also dropped for me and I told myself to focus on jeans. (I just bought Gap black jeans, but that is another story.)
And I love this outfit on you. Hmm radiant yes, but also Renaissance woman from all you are juggling. Sorry it has been a rough time, hope it is getting calmer. You look truly fab regardless. Warm vibes and virtual hug being sent.

Aha! Well, that's a fascinating line of study and work. I'm impressed, and admiring your talent.

Suz, I'm happy to enable, I mean tell you about the Anthro jeans! I'm three pairs into the cropped trend now, they're just really working for me, and I love my Anthro ones. Darker wash, super soft and they come in petite for you. Fit wise, I took the size same as the BR ones. I say go for it.
And you are totally Radiant Gamine!

You can add me to the looong list of admirers for this look on you Suz. Perfect proportions and oh-so-perfect colours for you. Loving that long cardi.

Love the new proportions, not JFE but fab-and love the color scheme! Oh, and I actually wanted to ask if you have lost some weight, so just bear in mind the jeans have to be that flattering, or your scale is wrong:-).

I know it probably doesn't feel like it from your perspective, but you really do make it all look very easy Suz. Certainly you give off the 'oh, this old thing I just threw on' vibe Love it...