Hello, lovelies! My apologies for spotty participation here over the last months. Alas, it has been a really tough season for me and my entire family. And I have to confess that I have also been in a bit of a fashion slump.

Why? Well, I've changed my routines a bit. I still mostly work from home (and travel, travel, travel) but I'm also out of the house more often (as a student and teacher, often on the same day). I need super practical casual clothes for the student days because my classes can involve crawling around on dirty floors. (Literally). Meanwhile, we've had unusual weather -- on the whole it has been beautiful, but it's been tough to figure out the appropriate layers some days. Also, I'm a few pounds up from my regular weight. A few of my trusted knits and pants need mending or even replacement. And I think I'm wanting to evolve my style a bit away from "urban prince" to something as yet unknown. Loved Viva's "glam gamine" moniker but I'm not even sure that's my direction. Hard to say.

All in all, I haven't been feeling fashionably fab.

Angie's words to the rescue. I could hear her so clearly in my head, warm, decisive, and practical: "Psst, Suz. Time to refresh your denim capsule!!"

Well, okay, I knew this, and for months I had really wanted a pair of the kick crops. But. I am short, so regular length ones would have been wasted on me. Meanwhile, petite sizes are often a no-go for me due to my longer rise.

Crackers and BR to the rescue. She mentioned the BR crop flares on somebody's post and when I found them on super sale I decided to give them a try. I went with the petite version (for the bottom length) and because I was doing so, I also went against her advice and sized UP rather than down. Reviews mentioned low stretch and snug thighs on these jeans, and with a "final sale" price I didn't want to be stuck with jeans I couldn't pull on.

Well, I am very glad I did size up because I couldn't have managed a smaller size on my substantial thighs. The rise here is more than long enough and they work for my 5'4" height.

It's not the most flattering look on short-legged me, but with the heel on the boot, the "column of colour" and the longer topper, I think it is JFE?

I report my process here in the hope it will help somebody else. I have become a very canny online shopper after years on YLF and have pretty good success on the whole. It really helps to read reviews and consider the advice of Fabbers.

Thanks to LisaP for the Hibou boot recommendation -- very comfy and practical.

Also new is the BR merino tee; I love merino and it's smart for my climate. Got this on sale as well and it will be a total workhorse.

Rust doesn't love me, so I am wearing the burgundy/ navy version of Angie's fantastic outfit.

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