A couple of weeks ago I asked the forum for advice on a cotton cardigan, and about summer toppers. It was helpful because as I evaluated my needs I realised that my aversion to denim jackets was based around a few I tried on that really didn't suit me. And if Bijou and Angie can make a denim jacket "pretty" maybe I can too?

So I ordered this very reasonably priced one from Ezibuy (online NZ and Australian retailer). I am interested in forum opinion on the jacket and how it works with the dresses.

To my eye it does not work with the pink and white shirt dress (first picture) with the competing collar and I would not wear that combination.

Other questions:

- I mostly wear gold (not exclusively and I do bring out silver rings and earrings although less in high summer when I often am wearing gold sunglasses). Should I change the silver buttons or does it not matter?
- The pistachio green dress - it has had a season's hard wear and has faded a bit. Should I try dying it (probably would go for a mid blue and expect the green to come through)?

I also ordered a linen tee that is too large and too boxy which I am returning, and some navy bikini pants. My current bikini pants are relatively skimpy and I thought a high waisted 1950s style would be a good addition for the upcoming summer - there are times when I want more coverage. They are a keeper but I am not going to model them. This is not me in the photo LOL!

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Yes - this denim jacket is great

Yes - denim jacket but not this one

No - stay with the no denim jacket policy

I mostly want this to wear over dresses, but would wear over a jumpsuit or skirt and tee; I am less likely to wear with shorts or with jeans.

Thanks in advance.

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