Thanks Suz - I am wearing it today with my orange dress and I see mine functioning exactly how you wear yours. If it works (and I think it will) it will be an essential for me and this summer I think outdoor dining and activities will be the most common, and an extra layer in the night is always useful.

Thanks Rachy - I will leave the dress for now - and pleased you like the jacket.

Sally - it does have some stretch in it. I am a NZ 12-14 and went with the 14 - I think I could have worn the 12 too (I didn't order it) but was worried about the shoulder fit which is always my squeeze point on jackets. I don't buy a lot from Ezibuy but the finds below over the last 12 months have all been great (good quality at a good price). Similar to Farmers I think - not exciting but a good range.

Star- I am liking the blue too (I tend to avoid pastels but shouldn't)

Katerina - I agree- I could make it work with some styling. I am a bit conscious about adding too much around my neckline and am always drawn to vee necks, open necks, simplicity here. I think it is a mix of being short-waisted with lots of hair, a shorter neck. And I agree - it could be fun in the night with a brooch!

Ezibuy can be hit and miss, but at least you can return things easily and their packages come reasonably quickly unlike others. I got my recent experiments such as the pleated skirt and midi dress from ezibuy during the lockdown. I am keen to get some orange and chartreuse in my wardrobe and see they have some pieces in these colours.

I do like some Ezibuy too. Quality varies, but overall by being very careful with my choices from there I have done well with their items. I keep a rolling wishlist and watch for sales esp on my favourite undies! Other people’s reviews of the items are particularly useful on the website I find.

That’s good to hear you have both had positive experiences too. I remember their catalogues in the past were fun to browse through.