Part one: A fabulous shopping tip I learned from Angie
During the October Seattle YLF meet up while in H&M, Angie spotted a necklace she loved on a mannequin. Instead of looking around the store for it (and in this case, probably wouldn't have found it), she simply took it off the mannequin and bought it and wore it out, just like that. What a revelation! It had never even occurred to me that I could do this, but of course stores are using those displays to sell stuff anyway! This little tip has stuck with me (thank you Angie!), and I have since scored a couple of my favorite necklaces and even a top with this. So ladies, don't let the fact that something you love is only on one mannequin stop you from getting it

Part two: My Perfect Neon Lime Necklace
I have been looking for My Perfect Neon Lime Necklace for, ohhh, I'd say about 1-1.5 years now (I am picky). On Monday I was at Ann Taylor returning the pile of slouchy pants that didn't work for Una and me, and as I was walking out there it was, THE neon necklace I had been looking for. Seriously, if I could've designed it myself, it would look just like this, in exactly this color, AND it had a matching bracelet! It was nowhere else in the store, so I immediately purchased both the necklace and the bracelet right off the mannequin. My goodness, without having seen Angie do this back in October I'd simply have left the store and lamented for a loooong time afterwards not seeing those pieces "available" in the store!!

So here's my new necklace, thanks to Angie's fab shopping tip! I was perfectly happy with how neon it was INside (#1), but when I took it OUTtside (#2)? It GLOWS in the sun, ladies! Lights right up the most amazing shade of neon lime because the back of each piece is mirrored but clear (#3). I am in neon heaven

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