So I just did a hunt and weirdly did not find much! But there was a forum member years ago (Maia? Maya? Maija?) whose threads were instructive. Another member who has posted eloquently is Gaylene. But I believe both she and the earlier member have fit issues at the other end of the scale, if you know what I mean.

Maybe someone will have favourited those links.

Suz, if you'd prefer to talk about this in private, please DM me, but I think I'm on-topic here:
I learned at the second fitting I mentioned above that my breasts are unusually far apart. We found a Calvin Klein bra that works pretty well for me, but if you have suggestions of others, I'd love to hear them.

Fashintern, alas Calvin Klein doesn't work well for me, although it seemed promising at first and I know their bras work well for another forum member with a similar fit issue.

I tried a Betsy Johnson that was okay but it wasn't great quality and didn't last long.

My best (most reliable luck) so far comes from Natori (Feathers...size up a cup size or more). Wacoal (sometimes -- only certain ones.) Mimi Holiday (pricey and on the "fancy" and "too overtly sexy" side for everyday wear for me but some of the unlined ones are brilliant for summer and they are beautifully constructed.) Some Simone Perele bras work although the spacing is a bit too close in other models. Also beautifully made and comfortable once you get one that fits. I once had a Chantelle bra that worked well but have not been able to find my band size since.

That's fabulous, Fashintern -- I didn't have time to do an exhaustive search. Those are indeed the kinds of threads I was thinking about.

I have some other Wacoal bras that work. I will look up the versions tomorrow.

I also realized that I do indeed have one Chantelle that works from NAS. So I will post tomorrow with that info.

Great suggestions, ladies.

The Link Love post later today has some good bra resources too.

Posting from the other side of the spectrum (32F or even G here), but encouraging you to try, try, try on. And when you find one that works well, AFTER testing it through washing and wearing multiple times, buy duplicates. I was having an awful time early last year with my old bras being uncomfortable. I found some new ones and I am so much happier. Ill-fitting bras are a miserable thing — just imagine that shifting strap that comes with a too-big band, but with the added weight in front of some big ol’ boobs, and you will know my struggle

Good luck!

Chiming in late with a shopping recommendation. If you are a hard to fit size (small band, or large cup, or both) I highly recommend Bare Necessities. They carry a wide range of styles and sizes, have a great return policy, and run frequent sales.

Good luck!

Thanks Suz. I will look for them--but don't expect to see them in my WIWs

Thank you so much, Fashintern! I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the links, but there is great info there.

Thanks for posting the ones that work for you, Suz!

Here’s a link to Maya’s Bra Fitting Thread—a YLF classic!

I miss Maya...

Wow, even though this thread doesn’t really apply to me, I’m glad I clicked on it. Maya’s thread from 8 years ago happened before I came to YLF, so it was a good read — not only for the wealth of information, but also as a walk down memory lane to see some forum members who are missed! Thanks for digging that up, Gaylene!

Thanks Gaylene!
I had forgotten how much information I got from that brilliant thread !
I really miss Maya and many others from back then:(

Thanks, Gaylene! That really was an amazing thread and so helpful.